160 Whales Stranded in Western Australia, Dozens Dead, Others Rescued

Australia has been hit by yet another mass stranding of marine mammals, this time involving 160 long-finned pilot whales in Western Australia's Geographe Bay. The incident, which occurred near the town of Dunsborough, resulted in the deaths of at least 26 whales, with several others being rescued.

Experts from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions were quick to respond to the incident, along with many vigilant volunteers who helped in moving the mammals back to deeper waters. Authorities are remaining vigilant, using boats and a spotter plane to ensure the whales don't return to the shores.

While mass strandings of pilot whales aren't uncommon in Australia and New Zealand, the exact reasons why they occur are not fully understood. Some researchers suggest that pods may go off track after feeding too close to shore, while others believe that these incidents may be linked to noise pollution caused by humans, which could affect the whales' sensitive hearing.

Regardless of the cause, it is clear that these incidents are incredibly distressing for the animals and often result in high mortality rates. It is important that authorities and experts act swiftly and efficiently to try and mitigate the impacts of these events.

In other recent news related to marine mammals in Australia, a whale watcher recently captured incredible footage of a humpback whale rescuing a distraught seal from a predatory shark. The footage, which went viral, showed the moment the humpback whale chased the shark away and created a safe distance for the seal to escape.

These incidents, while tragic, provide a reminder of the importance of caring for and protecting our marine friends.

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