A Gentle Breeze in Hell: Trump Floats Arresting Political Opponents, GOP Claims Biden's Got a Problem, and Dems Wonder What They've Inherited

Trump (R)

  • "Trump Floats Arresting Political Opponents": According to Newmax, Trump claims it "possible" that opponents would have to "suffer the same fate" as him. He cites his not going after Hillary Clinton as contrast. He argues that he prevented the "terrible precedent" while Biden and others would have to "view it very much differently" in the future.
  • "The aristocrats who martyred Trump": Unherd argues that the prosecutions of Trump are driven by a desire to "annihilate, pulverise" him and that the process "stinks of desperation." It is argued that the prosecution is driven by a desire to "prosecute... in multiple times and places, convict, fine hundreds of millions, imprison, annihilate, pulverise" him. It is claimed that the hiring of special assistant district attorneys for the Manhattan D.A.'s office was "concocted by Bragg" and that this was "a scandal" but that it "somehow isn't."
  • "Joe Biden’s Fingerprints Are All Over The Criminal Prosecutions Of Donald Trump": The Federalist claims that a "lead prosecutor for Bragg during the trial was Matthew Colangelo," who had previously served in the Department of Justice under Biden and been appointed third highest-ranking official by Biden. It is claimed that the relationship between the Manhattan D.A.'s office and Biden's team dates back to February 2021, when Bragg's predecessor hired three lawyers from the same law firm as Biden to work on the investigation into Trump.
  • "The case for imprisoning Donald Trump": MSNBC argues that a former state and federal prosecutor, the author of many works on criminal sentencing and a sentencing consultant to major white-collar criminal defendants, supports the idea of sending Trump to prison. It is claimed that the crime was to "corruptly affect a presidential election" and that this "elevates Trump’s offense above a simple recordkeeping default to something far graver." It is claimed that sentencing judges also consider the histories and character of defendants and that therefore a first-time offender who has led an otherwise exemplary life is considered less blameworthy than a persistent malefactor and less in need of the incapacitation and deterrence that prison would provide.

Biden (D)

  • "What Did the President Know, and How Long Did He Remember It?": National Review follows a Wall Street Journal story that claims Biden is "oblivious to his own administration’s policies and decisions" and is "forgetful, mumbling, increasingly reliant on notes to remember basic facts." It is suggested that Biden is "never going to be as young and sharp-minded as he was yesterday."
  • "Biden’s challenge runs deeper than ‘bad vibes’": The Financial Times argues that there is a "deep sense that America is increasingly dominated by a wealthy elite," who can benefit from the government's response to the pandemic and the current "easy money policies" and that "better ‘messaging’ won’t whisper the resulting frustrations away."
  • "What Trump’s Black outreach looks like in Philly": Semafor reports that approximately 100 Trump supporters, "overwhelmingly Black men," met with Reps. Donalds and Hunt in Philadelphia to discuss "the pivotal role they have to play in the election." Hunt argued "PA’s a swing state," and that they were "fishing where the fish are." Contentions that Biden is cognitively impaired and possibly mentally unfit for continued service as president appear to be increasingly mainstream and are now being reported by

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