AL West Divisive Standings And Predictions For 2024 Season

The AL West includes a mix of playoff-contending clubs and rebuilders, with the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers vying for playoff spots at the top of the division. Here are the divisive standings and predictions for the 2024 season in the AL West, based on talent rankings:

  1. Texas Rangers - Talent Record: 93-69
    • Offensive Rating: 110.8 (3rd)
    • Pitching Rating: 99.5 (15th)
    • Defensive Rating: 95.4 (5th)
    • Comments: The Rangers are a playoff team with a deep lineup and a questionable rotation. They will need their young guns to step up to stay competitive.
  2. Seattle Mariners - Talent Record: 93-69
    • Offensive Rating: 104.1 (9th)
    • Pitching Rating: 91.6 (6th)
    • Defensive Rating: 98.2 (10th)
    • Comments: The Mariners have a strong rotation and a deep lineup, making them a contender for the division title. They have a high floor and a chance for a high ceiling with Rodriguez and company.
  3. Houston Astros - Talent Record: 89-73
    • Offensive Rating: 109.8 (4th)
    • Pitching Rating: 100.0 (16th)
    • Defensive Rating: 99.7 (16th)
    • Comments: The Astros have a formidable offense and a questionable rotation, but they have a high floor and are likely wild card contenders. A step up from Brown would be a welcome addition.
  4. Los Angeles Angels - Talent Record: 74-88
    • Offensive Rating: 98.9 (18th)
    • Pitching Rating: 106.4 (24th)
    • Defensive Rating: 101.8 (20th)
    • Comments: The Angels are a below-average team with little team depth and are only playoff contenders due to the talent of their two stars. They have a low floor and are likely worse than their record suggests.
  5. Oakland Athletics - Talent Record: 53-109
    • Offensive Rating: 84.4 (30th)
    • Pitching Rating: 112.3 (28th)
    • Defensive Rating: 107.1 (29th)
    • Comments: The A's are a rebuilding team that is likely to lose fewer than 100 games in 2024. They have some promising young talent, but it's unclear how soon they'll be ready to compete. Maintain consistency and perhaps lure some free agents.

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