America's First State Firsts Part 2: Ten More Unexpected Claims to Fame

  1. Massachusetts: The Original Eatery Vote!
  2. Minnesota: Getting Lucky? The First Lotto Ticket Sold
  3. Mississippi: A Most Mysterious First! Secret Service Agent Assassinated
  4. New Jersey: The Ballpark Age! First MLB Game Ever Played
  5. New Mexico: Pop Culture First! The First Movie Theatre Swap
  6. Oregon: Pumpkin Pride! First Pumpkin Patch Ever Visited by Americans
  7. Pennsylvania: The Original Shop Till You Drop! The First Department Store
  8. Tennessee: A Trailblazing First! First Woman to Earn a Law Degree
  9. Vermont: The Original Do-Gooders! First Charity Organization Founded
  10. Wisconsin: The Frozen Tundra! First Frozen Football Game Played

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Prospective observational study of peripheral intravenous cannula utilisation and frequency of intravenous fluid delivery in the emergency department: convenience or necessity?

Introduction Over one billion peripheral intravenous cannulas (PIVCs) are inserted worldwide each year. Insertion of PIVCs is associated with pain, phlebitis, occlusion, and medication extravasation as well as the risk of catheter-associated infection, with an associated cost to departmental resources. Previous studies have not assessed if intravenous (IV) fluid delivery