America's Most Expensive Universities

Northwestern University

Located in the outskirts of Chicago, Northwestern University has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious schools in the US. It is one of the country's most expensive universities, with an annual cost of attendance totaling $83,784. Notable alumni from the School of Communication include Warren Beatty, Zach Braff, Stephen Colbert, and director Frank Galati.

University of Pennsylvania

With an annual cost of attendance totaling $83,298, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the most expensive universities in the country. Founded in 1740, UPenn is a private university located in Philadelphia. Notable alumni include Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Tory Burch.

Brown University

Brown University was founded in 1764 and is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the country. With an annual cost of attendance totaling $83,231, Brown University is one of the most expensive universities in the country. U.S. News & World Report ranks Brown University ninth of all four-year American universities and eleventh in terms of value. Brown's most significant pull factors are a six-to-one student-to-faculty ratio and a highly personalized learning experience.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the most storied institutions of higher learning in the United States. The school's mathematics department is responsible for forming the International Congresses of Mathematicians, and the University of Chicago is known as one of the most rigorous research universities in the world. The University of Chicago's alumni include numerous Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, physics, and several other fields. The annual cost of attendance totals $82,848.

Reed College

Reed College is a liberal arts college in Portland, OR, with an annual cost of attendance totaling $82,660. The question arises as to whether the return on investment for a degree over $320,000 will depend on the student's major. Many of the school's featured alumni appear to be in creative fields, so it's fair to wonder whether most of those alumni ever out-earn their minimum student loan payments.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private research university in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Founded in 1789, it is one of the nation's most prestigious universities. The annual cost of attendance totals $82,505. Georgetown is widely recognized for its prestigious law school, and students can benefit from its considerable research facilities and proximity to countless job opportunities.

Wesleyan University

Founded in 1831 in Middletown, CT, Wesleyan University once charged students $36 per year to attend. Times have changed drastically, and Wesleyan now charges students more than $82,000 in total costs for attending its award-winning philosophy and arts courses.

Yale University

A school you likely suspected of being on this list, Yale University, is one of the most revered (in academic circles, at least) and historically significant American universities. More than 300 years old, Yale has produced multiple presidents, actors, scientists, Supreme Court justices, and other notable alumni. Your annual tuition may even come with entry

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