Anxious Democratic donors grilled Biden campaign officials on a Zoom call Monday, pressing Biden's team on how it will deal with new concerns about his fitness for office

The Zoom call took place on July 2, 2024, and saw approximately 500 members of Biden's national and regional finance committee attend and ask questions, which were controlled and moderated by the call's organizers. One donor remarked, "it was a damage control call." Another donor stated, "I don't know what the pathway forward is, and I think they are trying to figure that out, too." The organizers of the call, including co-chair Jen O'Malley Dillon, pollster Molly Murphy, and finance chair Rufus Gifford, argued that Biden knows he has to improve and show the public he can run an effective campaign, as well as the country. They also presented data on how Biden might recover and still beat Trump.

The donors expressed deep doubts within the Democratic Party about whether Biden has the stamina, skill, and substance to go toe-to-toe with Trump for the next four months, defeat him on November 5, and serve another four-year term. They also expressed concerns about Biden's age and mental fitness and brought up the issue of his stamina and ability to serve as president. A donor wrote, "Biden is on the one-way trip to the grave and nobody says it out loud." The donor continued, "This wasn't a 'bad night.' It was clear evidence of advanced dementia." Another donor concluded, "If these Dem donors wish to waste their money on a lost cause and believe the lies, I think they should go right ahead."

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