Apple Arcade: Latest Games, Features and Updates

Apple Arcade: Explore our Guide and Stay Up to Date

Apple Arcade is a video game subscription service offered by Apple Inc. that features a growing collection of premium games. Follow along with our comprehensive guide on all things Apple Arcade, including newly released games, updates, and features.

Latest Releases

Apple Arcade continues to expand its collection with new games released weekly. Here are some of the most recent additions:

  • Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom: Explore the wild territories of the Kingdom and embark on an adventure with Mametchi and other beloved characters.
  • Turmoil+: Jump into the oil rush of the 19th century and build your fortune in this charming take on the simulation genre.
  • Delicious Miracle of Life: Dive into the time management fun of Emily's cooking video blog with this new release exclusive to Apple Arcade.

Games Available on Apple Arcade

With new games released regularly, it can be challenging to keep track of the library. Here is a list of all titles offered on Apple Arcade:

  • Alien: Slipspace 98158: Engage in interstellar warfare and journey through space with this real-time strategy game.
  • ALONE: Enjoy this unique survival adventure game, where you must balance your will to live with the will to explore.
  • Angry Birds Reloaded: Blast your way to victory with this multiplayer arcade game featuring your favorite Angry Birds.
  • BADLAND: Explore the dark and mysterious sides of BADLAND with this action-packed, side-scrolling adventure.
  • Basketball Association Create your own legend in this immersive basketball management game.
  • BeaTS: Fight your way through the streets of Beartown and take on the underground fighting scene in this beat 'em up.
  • Beirut: Retaliation: Put your skills to the test in this turn-based strategy game based on the popular board game.
  • Blackjack by MobilityWare: Test your luck and skill in this classic card game.
  • Bloodstroke: This dark medieval fantasy adventure game will thrill you as you battle through the war-torn lands.
  • Bluefire: Remnant of the Third Reich: As an agent of the Bluefires, your mission is to investigate a mysterious phenomenon in this strategy-driven, role-playing game.
  • Brainzy: Help your brain grow with fun and educational math, spelling, and problem-solving games.
  • Bubble Gobble: Get ready to pop, drop, and bounce your way through this addictive bubble shooter.
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga: Journey across stunning environments and release bubbles to rescue the ghosts in this enchanting puzzle game.
  • Bury: Bury is a strategy game that will put your decision-making skills to the test as you choose how to wisely lead your people.
  • Candy Crush Saga: Match candies to unlock rewards in this deliciously addictive puzzle game.
  • Castle of Chaos: A Dice Adventure: Roll your dice and venture into the Castle of Chaos for a thrilling dice-based adventure.
  • Chess: Play the classic strategy game on your mobile device with elegant graphics and intuitive controls.
  • Clash of Beasts: Battle your way to become the mightiest beast in this exciting puzzle and combat game.
  • Color Zen: Relax and unwind with this mesmerizing puzzle game that focuses on color and shapes.
  • Comic Jumps: Get ready to jump, dodge, and defeat enemies in this side-scrolling, platform-jumping adventure.
  • Crossy Road Castle: Take on the Crossy Road Castle with your favorite Crossy Road characters in this new and improved version.
  • Cube Escape: A Time Paradox: Uncover the mystery of the Time Library in this thrilling room escape game.
  • Dicey Dungeons: Role-play as a hero and adventure through the dungeons to fight monsters and collect loot in this turn-based action RPG.
  • Doodle Cricket: Get ready to bat and bowl your way to victory in this fun and exciting cricket game.
  • Doodle Kick: Score glorious goals in this addictive soccer game.
  • Final Horizon: Explore a shattered world and piece together the mystery of the planet's past in this thrilling action-adventure game.
  • Fishao: Catch your favorite fish and discover exciting treasures in this relaxing fishing game.
  • Flipped Out: Test your reflexes and stay focused in this fast-paced, action-packed puzzle game.
  • Football Manager 2024 Touch: Take over as manager of your favorite football team and make strategic decisions to lead them to victory.
  • Geometry Dash: Jump, fly, and flip your way through the epic worlds of Geometry Dash in this rhythm-based action platformer.
  • Graveyard Keeper: Build and manage your own