Apple Arcade: Latest Games, Roster, News, and Updates

Recently, Apple Arcade has released many exciting new games for subscribers to enjoy. Here is a list of all the latest games to be released on Apple Arcade, as well as their release dates and any other relevant information:

  1. Turmoil+: Released on November 24, 2023, Turmoil+ is a life simulation game that follows a character named Emma who moves to a town and develops it while cultivating an oil business.
  2. Delicious � Miracle of Life+: Released on November 17, 2023, this game follows Emily as she begins a cooking video blog, and also has to navigate her new life as a mother-to-be.
  3. Downwell+: Released on November 6, 2023, Downwell+ is a retro-style action game that involves a character named Will navigating a well in search of untold treasures with only his Gunboots for protection.
  4. Puzzle & Dragons Story: Released on November 6, 2023, this is a puzzle RPG game based on the popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons. It allows players to embark on a fantasy adventure driven by match-three puzzle play.
  5. Football Manager 2024 Touch: Released on November 3, 2023, this game allows players to manage their football team by signing real-life managers and players and progressing in a way similiar to how they would perform irl.
  6. Knotwords+: Released on November 3, 2023, Knotwords+ is a word game involving arranging letters in each section so every word is valid, across and down.
  7. NBA2K24 Arcade Edition: Released on October 13, 2023, this edition of the popular NBA game franchise allows players to customize their MyCOURT indoor experience, along with an array of features.
  8. Crossword Jam+: Released on October 13, 2023, Crossword Jam+ is a word search game with a twist. Players arrange letters to find words and boost their vocabulary.
  9. Cut the Rope 3: Released on October 6, 2023, this physics-based puzzle franchise's latest installment, Cut the Rope 3, involves navigating a character named Nibble Nom through the stars to collect them.
  10. Jeopardy! World Tour+: Released on September 29, 2023, Jeopardy! World Tour+ is a mobile game version of the popular trivia game show.
  11. Cypher 007: Released on September 22, 2023, Cypher 007 is a top-down action-adventure game set in the world of James Bond. Players must help Bond escape a mental prison in a mind-bending adventure.
  12. Junkworld TD: Released on September 22, 2023, Junkworld TD is a tower defense game that involves a post-apocalyptic world, perilous terrain, and dubious companions.
  13. Japanese Rural Life Adventure: Released on September 15, 2023, this game allows players to experience slow living in the Japanese countryside, involving fixing up an old house, making the yard nice, and growing crops.
  14. My Talking Angela 2+: Released on September 8, 2023, My Talking Angela 2+ is a popular virtual pet game similar to My Talking Tom, except players now have a fashionable cat named Angela.
  15. Samba de Amigo: Released on August 29, 2023, Samba de Amigo is a rhythm game involving shaking it on center stage in this vibrant rhythm action game.

Be sure to check Apple Arcade for more information on all these games and more!