Apple Arcade Updates: New Games, Nintendo Licensing, and Jam-Packed Release Schedule

The popular gaming subscription service Apple Arcade has continuously grown since its debut in 2019. Apple has partnered with several prominent publishers such as Sega, Warner Bros, and now Nintendo to bring iconic gaming franchises to the service.

This week, Nintendo announced that it has partnered with Apple to bring several games from the Animal Crossing franchise to Apple Arcade. These games include Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. In addition, other titles in the franchise will be available on the service in the future. This announcement came shortly after the release of the 2.0 update for New Horizons which added several new features to the game.

Apple has also released several new games on Apple Arcade this week. On Friday, the service gained the puzzle game Knotwords+, which tasks players with arranging letters in each section so every word is valid, across and down. The previous week also saw the release of several other new games including NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Words in Progress, Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, Cut the Rope 3, Puzzle & Dragons Story, and Blackjack by MobilityWare.

In the coming weeks, Apple Arcade will see the addition of several other new games. On June 6, the service will receive several new titles including Tomb of the Mistake+, Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse, Return to Monkey Island+, and Fabulous � Wedding Disaster+. June will also see updates to several games including NBA 2K24, Sonic Dream Team, Bloons TD 6+, Crossy Road Castle, Disney SpellStruck, and Crayola Create and Play+.

Since its launch in 2019, Apple Arcade has expanded from its initial offering of around 100 games to over 200 games. The service, which costs $4.99/month for a single user or $17.99/month for a family of up to six people, is available on all Apple devices.

Would you like to know more about Apple Arcade or any of the games released this week? Be sure to check out the Apple Arcade Guide, a website dedicated to the service which offers overviews of each game currently available on Apple Arcade.

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