Apple TV+: Original TV Shows and Movies, How to Watch, Recommendations, Full List of Series

Apple TV+: Original TV Shows and Movies

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers exclusive Apple original TV shows and movies in 4K HDR quality. You can watch across all of your screens and pick up where you left off on any device. Apple TV+ costs $9.99 per month.

The service launched in November 2019 with a handful of original shows, including The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, and The Elephant Queen. Since then, Apple has released several other shows, including popular hits like Ted Lasso, Severance, and Loot.

Apple TV+ content is available exclusively through the Apple TV app. You can watch on your Apple TV set-top box, iPhone, or iPad. However, you don't need the latest Apple TV 4K to enjoy Apple TV+. The TV app is also available on other platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and even the web at

The service is worth the price for many people since it offers a lot of high-quality content. In addition, it is relatively affordable compared to other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

How to Watch Free Apple TV+ Shows

The TV app is the exclusive destination for Apple TV+, but the TV app is a little confusing because it blends together purchasable TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, which you can buy or rent, content from other apps like Amazon Prime and Disney+, and Apple TV Channels.

The Watch Now screen does not really distinguish between content that you own and can watch, and Apple's general recommendations.

The easiest way to get started with Apple TV+ is to open the Apple TV app on your device, and tap on the Originals tab. (On some platforms, this tab is simply labelled using the "tv+" logo.)

This tab takes you to the Apple TV+ channel page. This shows you all of the Apple TV+ shows and movies available to watch, separated into categories like comedy, drama, and family fun.

Be aware, the web experience at is a bit barebones compared to the native TV app on devices, and it only shows Apple original content. For the best experience, use the TV app on a device like Apple TV 4K.

What to Watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus, or as some erroneously call it Apple+ TV) is still in its infancy but has already seen breakout hits including comedy Ted Lasso and workplace sci-fi drama Severance.

Apple aims for premium quality across its drama, comedy, and documentary TV shows and movies so everything should reach a reasonable level of quality and hopefully be worth your time.

In terms of personal recommendations, I suggest starting with Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, Severance, Trying, and the movie Finch.

All Apple TV+ TV Shows and Movies (updated May 8, 2024)

TV Shows

  1. Hollywood Con Queen  3 episodes, released on May 8, 2024
  2. Dark Matter  1 season, released on May 8, 2024
  3. Acapulco  3 seasons, released on October 8, 2021
  4. The Big Door Prize  2 seasons, released on March 29, 2023
  5. Jane  2 seasons, released on April 14, 2023
  6. Franklin  8 episodes, released on May 12, 2023
  7. Sugar  1 season, released on April 5, 2023
  8. Loot  2 seasons, released on June 24, 2022
  9. STEVE!  2 episodes, released on March 29, 2023
  10. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock  2 seasons, released on January 21, 2022
  11. Palm Royale  1 season, released on March 20, 2023
  12. Manhunt  1 season, released on March 15, 2023
  13. The Reluctant Traveler  2 seasons, released on February 24, 2023
  14. *The Completely