Apple TV+: Watch All Apple Original TV Shows and Movies in 4K HDR Quality

Apple TV+: Original TV Shows and Movies

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers exclusive Apple original TV shows and movies in 4K HDR quality. It is available across all of your screens and allows you to pick up where you left off on any device. Apple TV+ costs $9.99 per month and provides access to a variety of content, including comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, and kids shows.

How to Watch the Free Apple TV+ Shows

The TV app is the exclusive destination for Apple TV+, but the TV app is a little confusing because it blends together purchasable TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, content from other apps like Amazon Prime and Disney+, and Apple TV Channels. The Watch Now screen does not really distinguish between content that you own and can watch, and Apple's general recommendations. Therefore, the easiest way to get started with Apple TV+ is to open the Apple TV app on your device, and tap on the Originals tab. This tab takes you to the Apple TV+ channel page, which shows all of the Apple TV+ shows and movies available to watch, separated into categories like comedy, drama, and family fun.

What to Watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus, or as some erroneously call it Apple+ TV) is still in its infancy but has already seen breakout hits including comedy Ted Lasso and workplace sci-fi drama Severance. Everything on the platform aims for premium quality, so all content should be worth your time. In terms of personal recommendations, I suggest starting with Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, Severance, Trying, and the movie Finch.

All Apple TV+ TV Shows and Movies (Updated February 16, 2024)

TV Shows

  • Dynasty: New England Patriots - A ten-part docuseries that dives deep into the Tom Brady era of the New England Patriots. Featuring exclusive interviews with Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and others, the series charts the team's triumphant rise to success and six-time Super Bowl glory.
  • The New Look - A drama that follows Christian Dior and Coco Chanel as they launch modern fashion in the midst of World War II. Ben Mendelsohn, Juliette Binoche, John Malkovich, and Maisie Williams star.
  • Sago Mini Friends - A preschool series based on characters from the award-winning app Sago Mini World. It explores gratitude and thankfulness with fun animated adventures and original music, set in the world of Sagoville.
  • Masters of the Air - A nine-part epic battle for the skies from the makers of 'Band of Brothers' and 'The Pacific.' It captures all of the triumphs and horrors of the World War II daylight bombing raids.
  • Criminal Record - A British crime drama that confronts chief inspector Daniel Hegarty and detective June Lenker about the circumstances surrounding the guilty verdict of an old murder case, as new information comes to light via an anonymous tip-off.
  • John Lennon: Murder Without A Trial - A three-part documentary that reflects on John Lennon's life and death. The series examines the events surrounding his murder, including new eyewitness interviews and never-before-seen crime scene photos, as well as the many conspiracy theories that sprang up in the aftermath of the killing.
  • Slow Horses - A adaptation of the Mick Herron book series, about a division of MI5 rejects. The Slough Horse group are consigned to a life of admin and drudgery, until they become embroiled in an active hostage situation. Slow Horses is up to season three and has been renewed for a fourth and fifth season.
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - A cinematic series that unfolds over multiple generations, set in the world of Godzilla. The show stars Kurt and Wyatt Russell who portray younger and older versions of the same character, officer Lee Shaw.
  • For All Mankind - A sci-fi drama that explores what could have happened if the Russians got to the Moon first in 1969. The show forges an alternate timeline of NASA, with the first season covering the 1969-1974 period. Season two picks up in 1983, as the USA and USSR face off in a space race cold war.
  • The Buccaneers - A drama inspired by an unfinished Edith Wharton novel, The Buccaneers sees a group of rich American women trying to find a posh English husband. The group descends into a culture clash of 1870s London society. A second season of The Buccaneers is in development, but no release date has been announced.
  • The Enfield Poltergeist - A docuseries that explores the infamous poltergeist case with dramatic recreations that use the original audio recordings of the events

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