Apple's Mac Computers Receive Mixed Reviews After Transition to Apple Silicon

Throughout the year, Apple made updates to most of its Mac computers, with its new M3 chip. One analyst argues that the difference between the M2 and M3 chips is "hard to see how Apple could have done much better," but others are more critical of the speed of the updates and the lack of transparency about the benefits of the new chips.

One area of general consensus is that Apple's Mac Pro line-up is wanting. The Mac Pro, now powered by Apple silicon, was seen as "a Mac Studio with advanced I/O options," and little else. Overall, there was hope that Apple would unveil a more ambitious Pro offering in the future.

The transition to Apple silicon has been positive overall, with computers running faster, cooler, and longer. There is now a consensus that Apple has successfully differentiated its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines, and that the Mac Studio and Mac Mini are well positioned as desktop offerings. The general consensus is that the only truly missteps were the 27" iMac and the Mac Pro, with the latter being overwhelmingly negative in its reception.

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