Apple's new headset triggers deluge of embarrassing selfies, viral videos

The Apple Vision Pro, dubbed the "Apple Glasses" has recently hit the markets, and it has already started causing quite a stir online. The pricey gadget sold for between $3,499 and $5,499 has become a meme and has ignited a wave of online mocking and satire.

Customers took to social media platforms seemingly showcasing how the device could be used including; tapping away at empty space in front of them, waving at cars, and even wearing the headset while driving a Tesla. The viral footage took many by surprise, and it didn't take long for the internet to jump on the bandwagon and start trolling.

One Twitter user commented in a rather empathetic tone: "We had a word for people like that a decade ago: Applevisionaries". The user creatively playfully combines the words "Apple" and "visionaries," with "novice" to denote the awkwardness of the sight, accompanied by laughing emojis.

Another user named Dan Telini took the opportunity to poke fun at the contestants of the reality TV show The Apprentice, captioning the tweet: "Don't worry #Applevisionaries, #petebuttigieg will think of something".

Of course, Elon Musk's futuristic car company, Tesla, was also dragged into the meme frenzy. One user wrote, "Tesla cybertruck vision assist. Tap the touchpad to flash headlights, wave your hand to signal a turn, blow a kiss to engage autopilot". The tweet creatively makes fun of the overly excited proponents of the headset, purporting to show how one could do ordinary things while wearing the headset.

Another user went on to add a video of the winner of the 2021 Indianapolis 500, Helio Castroneves, appearing to don the headset while driving, captioning it "How to safely use your Apple Vision Pro". The tweet mocks the urge to take selfies and record videos while doing activities.

It's not surprising that the bulky and awkward-looking headsets have become a source of online comedy. The reality of the functionality and actual use cases of the Apple Vision Pro is somewhat different from the viral photos and videos.

Some have pointed out that the wave of embarrassing selfies and videos is a reminder of the need for moderation and respectful behavior in the online sphere. The excitement and the hype surrounding the latest Apple product has potentially overshadowed basic etiquette and mindfulness of those around us, albeit in a lighthearted and mostly harmless fashion.

It remains to be seen whether the online mockery will impact the sales of the Apple Vision Pro. The hefty price tag of up to $5,499 surely limits the market of buyers, and the depictions of the users sporting the headset in awkward situations may sway the more cautious buyers to invest in the next generation of augmented reality experience.

It seems the Apple Vision Pro has made a swift entrance and presence on the market, despite its hefty price tag, and despite the online mockery, those who can afford it, and are bold enough to wear it in public, will be joining the ranks of the Applevisionaries.

This is an evolving story and may be updated as events unfold.

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