April Streaming Rotation: Keep or Cancel?

April is here, and with it comes a slew of new titles to stream. But with many streaming platforms releasing new content, it may be challenging to decide which subscriptions are worth keeping. This month, I recommend "churning" like ice cream, or strategically rotating your subscriptions to make the most of your dollar and avoid choice fatigue.

Here are my suggestions for which platforms to keep or cancel for April, based on new shows and movies:

Prime Video: Keep

It's time for [Fallout](https://www.cnet.com/tech/movies-and-tv/fallout-tv-show- explanimation-video/), one of the most-anticipated live-action releases of the year. The show debuts on Prime Video on April 11 with all eight episodes. Additionally, Them: The Scare, is set to release on April 25, which is the second season of the series. And if you're a fan of the National Women's Soccer League, Friday night matches will air throughout the month.

Netflix: Keep

Netflix is dropping several new titles in April, including all six seasons of Sex and the City on April 1. Other notable releases include Ripley (April 4), Parasyte: The Grey (April 5), The Circle, season 6 (April 17), and Dead Boy Detectives (April 25), which is part of the Sandman universe.

Disney Plus: Keep

Continue streaming new episodes of X-Men '97 and Star Wars: The Bad Batch this month. If you have kids, Bluey is a big deal in April, with two new episodes streaming: Ghostbasket (April 7) and the extended special, The Sign (April 14). Wish also comes to Disney Plus on April 3.

Hulu: Keep

Shogun streams each week until its finale on April 23. You can also watch new installments of American Horror Story, Abbott Elementary, and X-Men '97, as they are now available to stream on Hulu.

Max: Keep

A new episode of the Quiet on Set documentary will arrive on April 7. Additionally, The Sympathizer debuts on April 14 at 9 p.m. ET. If you're a fan of basketball, Max is the place to stream NCAA games and the NBA playoffs.

Starz: Skip

If you're not watching BMF or Saw X, you can skip this platform for April.

Peacock: Skip

Peacock may not have many new releases this month. However, every season of Community lands on Peacock on April 1, and the animated film Migration arrives on April 19. Consider keeping your subscription if you scored a deal or want to watch live sports and reality TV. You can also stream new weekly episodes of Chicago and Below Deck.

Apple TV Plus: Skip

If you've watched Loot season 2 on April 3 and The New Look's season finale on April 3, you can cancel your Apple TV+ subscription. However, if you're interested in Major League Soccer, you may want to keep it.

Paramount Plus: Skip

Knuckles will stream on Paramount Plus on April 26. But if you want to save money, you can skip this platform for now and catch Knuckles in May. The same goes for Star Trek: Discovery's final season, which premieres on April 4. You can wait until May to watch the final season to save some dollars.

Remember, streaming services are a luxury, not a necessity. You can enjoy a break from streaming to save money or spend time offline. Consider setting a calendar reminder to re-subscribe or cancel services monthly until you find your perfect streaming balance.

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