At His Fine-Dining Restaurant, Kevin Rezvani Draws on His Family's Culinary Pastures

As a young boy, Kevin Rezvani accompanied his grandfather on early morning trips to the fishery in Nagasaki, Japan. It was here, at the crack of dawn, that Rezvani learned the art of selecting the freshest catch of the day. This seemingly simple exercise would later become the foundation of his fine dining restaurant, fixtures in the industry Yelp and Trip Advisor for its meticulous attention to detail and the celebration of Japanese technique and ingredients. With an emphasis on genuinely seasonal, locally sourced ingredients coaxed into elegant compositions, Theresa & Son has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a Japanese restaurant in America.

Behind the success of Theresa & Son, and Kevin's ongoing culinary career, is the influence of his family and his unique experience working in the food industry from a young age. Spending summers in his grandfather's bakery and years as a line cook at various restaurants gave Kevin the skills and expertise needed to strike out on his own.

While the intricacies of Japanese seafood selection and pastry making served as significant pillars in Kevin's culinary education, it was his time working in a college cafeteria and at mid-tier restaurants that honed his skills in efficiency, consistency, and production. These seemingly disparate experiences all contribute to Kevin's success today, as a sophisticated amalgamation of his family heritage and years of working in the food industry.

Though he acknowledges the dovetailing of his past and present, Kevin remains preoccupied with the nuances of the industry. "I work with an intense focus and a relentless drive to be better," he said. "I am constantly thinking about food and restaurants, and I have no plans of stopping."

While Kevin's grandfather's bakery has long since closed, its influence remains strong in Kevin's cooking. As a young boy, he would watch his grandfather craft intricate pastries and cakes, observing the attention to detail and time-honored Japanese techniques. It is these early memories that have ingrained in Kevin a respect for the craft and a passion for fusing tradition with innovation.

Kevin's next project venture is an elegant sushi bar with influences from his past Japanese seafood excursions with his grandfather. With his signature focus on freshness, seasonality, and local ingredients, Kevin hopes to elevate the sushi bar experience, honoring his Japanese roots and unique culinary upbringing.

Overall, Kevin's journey, from a young boy accompanying his grandfather on early morning trips to the fishery to owning one of the finest dining restaurants in the city, is a testament to the power of family, tradition, and the potential for greatness when one combines their heritage with hard work and dedication.

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