At New York trial, juror diversity and political views in focus as defence weighs objections

The jurors for the New York trial of Donald Trump are a diverse group with a variety of backgrounds and political views. Here's a closer look at the individuals who will decide the ex-president's fate:

  1. Juror 1: The foreperson of the jury is a sales professional from West Harlem. They are originally from Ireland and has some college education. Their news sources include The New York Times, Daily Mail, Fox News, and MSNBC. While they are aware of Trump's other criminal cases, they stated that they could reach a verdict based on the evidence presented in this case.
  2. Juror 2: This individual is an investment banker living in Hell's Kitchen. They have a master's in business administration and gets news from social media, notably including platforms such as X. They stated a connection to the case by following Michael Cohen and an anti-Trump account on social media.
  3. Juror 3: The third juror is a corporate lawyer hailing from Oregon but residing in Chelsea. They indicated less familiarity with Trump's previous legal entanglements and described their news consumption as occasional, primarily relying on The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
  4. Juror 4: This West Village resident is a security engineer from California. They have a spouse and three children, and their educational background consists of some college studies. They don't use social media, instead sourcing news from various outlets.
  5. Juror 5: A person of colour, this lifelong New Yorker teaches English in Harlem. They have a master's in education and described themselves as not interested in the news, drawing their information primarily from Google and TikTok.
  6. Juror 6: This software engineer works for a large media and entertainment company. They grew up in New York City and has a bachelor's degree. Their news sources include The New York Times and TikTok.
  7. Juror 7: Working for a large corporate law firm, this individual is from North Carolina but has lived in the Upper East Side for over a decade. They have a bachelor's in business and a law degree, and their social circle includes many finance and law professionals, including their spouse.
  8. Juror 8: Originally from Lebanon, this retiree lives in the Upper East Side. They worked as a wealth manager and still consult for financial firms. Their news sources include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, and CNBC.
  9. Juror 9: This speech therapist resides in the Upper East Side. They grew up in New Jersey and holds advanced degrees. They described themselves as not following the news closely but occasionally tuning into The New York Times and CNN podcasts.
  10. Juror 10: This individual works for an eyewear company in Murray Hill. They hold a bachelor's degree and have lived in New York for six years.
  11. Juror 11: With a background in product development management for an apparel company, this California native has lived in upper Manhattan for 15 years. They follow the news mostly through Google and industry-specific publications.
  12. Juror 12: Physicist therapist living in the Upper East Side, this individual has lived in New York for nearly three years, previously hailing from Minnesota and other states. They hold a bachelor's degree and a doctorate and get their news from The New York Times, USA Today, and CNN, along with listening to religion and sports podcasts.

At the outset of the trial, the media was barred from revealing the jurors' identities or releasing potentially identifying information, such as their employers or specific information about their demographics, in an effort to ensure their safety.

Defendants in criminal cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and the 12 jurors must unanimously reach a verdict of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In total, sixteen jurors had been selected, and the final twelve were picked after a painstaking search for people who could remain fair and impartial.

Given Trump's historic position as a prominent New York businessman and Republican president, the jury selection has invoked a lot of interest and curiosity amidst speculation about their political leanings and how it may influence their decision.