Audio & Video Learning As Bibliotherapy for Depression & Anxiety

Terry Gross and Studs Terkel were pioneers in podcast-style interviews, and their archives provide a historical treasure trove of insights into the minds of notable figures. The public radio interviews of Terry Gross on Fresh Air and Studs Terkel have been collected and added to the Free Audio & Video Directory.

In a similar vein, the collection of the best free movies on YouTube has been made into a playlist on the LearnOutLoud YouTube channel and updated regularly. These movies are all legally free on YouTube, either from YouTube's official Movies and TV channel, or from channels that have distribution rights to the movies, or they are movies that are in the public domain.

There is also a blog post on the potential benefits of audio & video learning as therapy for dealing with depression and anxiety, along with a list of the best audiobooks, podcasts, and videos on the topics of depression and anxiety. The post highlights the benefits of this type of therapy, which is similar to bibliotherapy but uses audio and video materials. It can be done while walking, working out, or driving, which can be easier than sitting down and reading a book when one is experiencing depression or anxiety. Listening to audio books, podcasts, and videos about depression and anxiety can help one feel less alone and provide valuable insights into the experiences of others with these disorders. Audio and video learning can also help one gain perspective on the situation and serve as a valuable tool for managing depression and anxiety.

The playlist of the best documentaries on YouTube includes over 300 documentaries, which have been collected over five years. The documentaries cover a wide range of topics, including history, science, nature, technology, health, and more. These documentaries are a valuable educational resource and provide an entertaining and informative way to learn about the world.

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