Best gas credit cards in 2023: Rewards, signup bonuses, and more!

Gas Credit Cards 101

Who should get a gas card?

If you possess a car, you undoubtedly spend a sizeable amount of money on gasoline. Sadly, gas prices are unpredictable and can often cause budgetary headaches.

Gas credit cards can lessen the strain on your budget while also providing you with benefits and rewards for your loyalty. These cards often provide elevated rewards rates on gas station purchases and, in some cases, rewards on various additional categories.

These cards are most advantageous when you pay your statement balance in full each month, as this ensures you avoid interest charges, thus saving you money.

General purpose gas cards vs. loyalty gas cards

Gas credit cards can be narrowed down into two categories: general purpose and loyalty.

General purpose gas cards are those that provide elevated rewards rates at various gas stations, rather than at a specific chain. These are ideal if you frequent various gas brands or if you aren't brand loyal.

Loyalty gas cards, on the other hand, are branded to a specific gas station, likeBP or Shell. These typically only reward you for purchases at that specific brand. These cards are best for those who regularly purchase their gas from the same station.

When it comes to gas credit cards, it's important to weigh the rewards and perks against the annual fee (if there is one). While many gas cards don't have annual fees, others do, and you'll want to ensure any rewards you earn aren't outweighed by this cost.

Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite gas credit cards. These cards offer elevated rewards rates at the pump and provide additional rewards on various categories, from streaming services to travel.

How to choose the best gas credit card

The best gas credit card for you will depend on your specific needs and usage. Below are a few factors to consider when choosing a gas card:

  • Rewards rates and categories: Many gas cards offer bonus rewards rates on gas purchases, but some also offer bonus rates on other categories like groceries, travel, or dining. Think about your monthly budgets and spending habits when choosing your card.
  • Annual fee: Typically, gas credit cards don't charge annual fees. However, if there is a fee, make sure you'll earn enough rewards to offset it.
  • Welcome bonus: Many gas cards offer intro bonuses for signing up. Just make sure you meet the minimum spend requirement within the promotional period to earn it.
  • Additional perks: Depending on your needs, perks like travel insurance, rental car insurance, or shopping and travel protections could be must-haves.

Be sure to consider each card's rewards rates, bonus categories, annual fee, and additional perks when making your decision.

How do gas credit cards work?

Gas credit cards work much like any other credit card. They provide you with a line of credit to make purchases, which you then pay back later. You can use your gas card at relevant retailers to purchase gas, and sometimes other items at the station.

What makes them different from other credit cards is their elevated rewards on gas, typically between 1% and 5%. Some gas credit cards also offer bonus rewards on other categories, and additional perks. You'll want to pay your balance back in full each month, as interest charges can quickly outweigh any rewards earned.

Alternatives to gas credit cards

If you're looking for ways to save on gas other than a gas credit card, or if you're looking for a card that rewards your overall spending, there are a few other options to consider:

  • Cash back cards: These cards offer you a percentage of your spending back on various categories, including gas, in the form of a statement credit.
  • Rewards cards: These cards offer points or miles on your spending, which can be redeemed for travel or other perks. These cards often offer bonus points on gas, along with various other categories.
  • Debit cards: You can also look into debit cards that offer cash back or other rewards on gas purchases. One upside to these is that you won't have to worry about interest charges, as you would with a credit card.

How to apply for a gas credit card

You can typically apply for a gas credit card online, by visiting the bank or credit card issuer's website. You'll find all the necessary information about the card and its benefits on the website.

During the application process, you'll typically have to provide the following information:

  • Personal details: Your full name, date of birth, and Social Security number.
  • Financial details: This includes your annual income, monthly rent/mortgage payments, and any other sources of income.
  • Credit history: The lender uses this information to determine your creditworthiness and whether to approve your application.

Depending on the card, you may be able to apply for a credit limit increase before your account opens. This can be a great way to increase your available credit, which can help your credit score.

The bottom line

Gas credit cards can be a great tool for those looking to save money on gas. Many offer elevated rewards rates on gas, along with bonus rewards on various categories.

Be sure to weigh the rewards and perks against any annual fee the card may charge. And remember, paying your balance in full each month is key to making these cards worthwhile.

For more information on any of the cards mentioned above, be sure to check out our full reviews.

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