Best of Hormone Health: From peptides to thyroid, biohacking your glands

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DR. DE AND BEN GREENFIELD ABOUT GHK PEPTIDE, GROWTH HORMONE, AND CANCER UPDATES In this segment, Dr. De explains how GHK peptide can help prevent cancer. Additionally, he mentions an alternative to using growth hormone for thymus regeneration.

THYROID HEALTH WITH DR. AMIE HORNAMAN In this part, Dr. Amie Hornaman explains the benefits of natural thyroid medicine and how it can help improve thyroid function.

HOW TO MODULATE CORTISOL WITH CRAIG KONIVER Next, Craig Koniver talks about strategies for modulating cortisol.

BEN'S BIOHAACKED HOME In this segment, Ben talks about his biohacked home, including a tour of his office.

BIRTH CONTROL PILL WITH JOLENE BRIGHTEN Jolene Brighten shares her knowledge about the birth control pill.

TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT EXPERT JAY CAMPBELL Lastly, Jay Campbell talks about testosterone replacement.

THAT'S A WRAP The episode ends with a legal disclaimer.

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