Biden and Trump Clash as War in Israel Spills Over

The crisis in the Middle East and rising fears of violence in Jerusalem are discussed in light of the Biden administration's recent critique of Israel's operation in Gaza. Close to 30,000 Palestinians have been killed thus far, with the potential for hundreds of thousands to starve to death, according to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). In light of this situation, President Biden has privately vowed to have a "come-to-Jesus talk" with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about letting humanitarian aid into Gaza. Nonetheless, the topic of pausing or conditioning American aid to one of the Middle East's closest allies in an election year is raised. Sanders emphasizes the need for a cease-fire tomorrow to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza, but he acknowledges that a permanent cease-fire with Hamas is unlikely because the organization seeks to destroy Israel. In response to a query about Israel's plans to launch an operation in the southern city of Rafah in southern Gaza, Biden replied that it was a "red line," but that he would never leave Israel's defense. In comparison to Trump, Sanders emphasizes the remarkable contrast between Biden and Trump, stating that the election of the latter would be a disaster for the country and the world.

Sanders stresses the necessity for progressives to vote for Biden in order to prevent Trump's election, but he also emphasizes that the fight continues to change Biden's policy in Gaza. The rising risk to U.S. interests in the Middle East due to the close alliance with Israel's war in Gaza is also addressed through the U.S. national security lens by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairs Mark Warner and Marco Rubio. They emphasize the importance of the U.S. troop presence in the region to counter ISIS and drive the US out of the region completely.

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