Biden and Trump Solid in Michigan, Candidates and Parties Signal Endgames

The Michigan primary gave President Biden and former President Trump large victories that progress their nominations. Biden led "uncommitted" with 81% of the vote, while Trump garnered 68% in his victory. The results were consequential for potential general election matchups. The "uncommitted" vote, led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, had a robust 13%, but this dwindled compared to previous primaries in 2012. Trump opponent Nikki Haley garnered 26% of the vote, a drop from earlier contests. Haley, presently a CNN contributor, has signaled she will stick through Super Tuesday but won't win the nomination. Biden's actual primary challenger, Rep. Dean Phillips, came fourth with only 2.7%, behind withdrawn candidate Marianne Williamson with 3%. Ultimately, the primary results showed potential voting patterns for the respective parties in the general election.