Biden and Trump to Compete in Wisconsin Primaries, With Elections-Related Measures on Ballot

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will compete in the Wisconsin presidential primaries on April 5. The contest will be less about winning delegates and more about carrying the pivotal state in November. Wisconsin voters will also decide two proposed constitutional amendments that would shape how elections in the state are run and paid for. The amendments were put forward by Republican lawmakers and are opposed by Democrats.

Biden and Trump are the only major candidates remaining in their respective primary fields. Any registered voter in Wisconsin may participate in either the presidential primary or the spring election. Biden and Trump both held campaigns in the state shortly after sealing their nominations. Biden visited Milwaukee to unveil $3.3 billion in infrastructure funding for more than 40 states, and Trump will hold a rally in Green Bay on primary night.

The two candidates on the Republican ballot are Trump, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Voters may also select "Uninstructed Delegation" or write on the name of another candidate. The two amendments before voters propose banning the use of private grants to administer elections and enshrine current poll worker laws into the state constitution, respectively.

Biden and Trump are the favorites to win their primaries, with neither candidate facing a strong challenge. The AP will provide coverage of the presidential primaries as well as the two ballot measures. The AP will declare a winner only when it determines there is no scenario that would allow the trailing candidates to close the gap.

About 26 percent of votes in the 2022 Wisconsin primaries were cast before Election Day. In the 2020 presidential primaries, which were held in the first weeks of the pandemic, pre-Election Day voting made up 74 percent of the total vote. About 73 percent of votes had been cast before Election Day as of Wednesday. The AP first reported results at 9:14 p.m. ET, 14 minutes after polls closed in the 2022 midterm primaries. The election night tabulation ended at 3:01 a.m. ET with about 99.8 percent of the total votes counted.

104 days until the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee 139 days until the Democratic National Convention in Chicago 217 days until the November general election

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