Biden Campaign Memo Says Trump is 'Wounded Man' Who is 'Ill-Equipped' for General Election

The blistering memo was written by President Joe Biden's campaign chair, Jen O'Malley Dillon, and his campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez. It was featured heavily on cable news, mostly on Fox News and CNN. The memo breaks down as follows:

Introduction: The introductory paragraph has been getting a lot of attention, contrasting the "wounded, dangerous and unpopular candidate" with President Biden:

To: Interested Parties

From: Jen O'Malley Dillon, Campaign Chair; Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Campaign Manager

Subject: Trump Enters The General Election Beleaguered and Ill-Equipped

Date: March 6, 2024

The results of last night's Super Tuesday contests cemented what we have known for some time now: Donald Trump limps into the general election as a wounded, dangerous and unpopular candidate. The Republican nominee is cash-strapped, beleaguered by a host of external issues, and is running on an extreme agenda that is already proving to be a significant liability for key voting blocs that are critical to the pathway to 270 electoral votes.

Meanwhile, Team Biden-Harris heads into the general election coming off of consistent wins up and down the ballot, maintains a historic and growing grassroots-powered war chest, and now adds a strong Super Tuesday showing last night to enter the general election well-prepared and well-positioned to win this November. Building off of last night's momentum, tomorrow evening's State of the Union address will provide the American people with the latest example of the stark choice they will be confronted with in November between President Biden, who remains laser-focused on delivering for the American people while running on a historically popular record of accomplishment, and Donald Trump, whose failed record and dark vision for this country is as dangerous as it is unpopular with the voters who will decide this election.

Which candidate is consolidating their coalition? Joe Biden.

Which candidate is amassing the resources and building the infrastructure necessary to reach the voters and run a modern campaign? Joe Biden.

Most importantly, which candidate has a winning agenda and a winning track record at the ballot box? Joe Biden.

Conclusion: President Biden and Vice President Harris are running on a historic and popular agenda that is winning Democrats election after election. Joe Biden is the only candidate in history who has beaten Donald Trump and he will do so again.

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