Biden Vows to Reopen Baltimore Port, Rebuild Collapsed Key Bridge

Unfortunately, President Biden has not addressed the myriad of pressing issues Americans face today. Instead, his attention is currently focused on rebuilding Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed after a cargo ship collided with it. Despite the fallout from the ship owner, Biden has vowed to expedite the rebuilding process and has insisted that the federal government cover the bill, which will undoubtedly spark controversy among congressmen. This pronouncement comes after Biden spoke with Maryland Governor Wes Moore and other local officials earlier in the day.

The White House's apparent effort to rejuvenate infrastructure and reinvigorate the economy is a step in the right direction, even if its motives are questionable. After almost three years of turbulent governance, Biden and the Democrats are desperate to regain control and leverage the country's future in the upcoming midterm elections.

This incident could be the catalyst to propel the Democrats and Biden's approval rating, currently at an all-time low, upwards. Furthermore, the abandoned project of the Key Bridge might provide an excellent opportunity for the Democrats to mandate their radical agenda, which includes mandating DEI standards and likely renaming the bridge.

Will the Democrats take this situation from a crisis to a convenient opportunity? Only time will tell.

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