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A blog post written by Lambert Strether of Corrente titled "Aftermath". The post covers the latest news on the 2024 presidential election with a detailed analysis of the latest polls, quotes, and primary outcomes.

Introduction: Aftermath is a digest that highlights and analyzes the day's most significant events and developments. It covers politics, economics, and culture, offering insights and analysis from various perspectives.

Today's Highlights:

  1. Polls: Trump leads in all Swing States except PA, which Biden now leads
  2. Quote of the Day:
  3. After the Fact:
  4. Trump (R):

a. "What Worries Me Most About a Trump Presidency"

b. "Arizona bombshell tests Trump’s abortion gamble"

  1. Biden (D):

a. "Klain on Biden: He is focused too much on bridges"

b. "Biden is building a behemoth of a campaign. Trump at this point seems to be playing catch-up"


Aftermath continues to monitor the latest developments in the 2024 presidential election, providing timely and insightful analysis for its readers. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as the election approaches.

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