Bird Song of the Day, Fulvous-faced Scrub-Tyrant, Hacienda Limon, Cajamarca, Peru

ornithologist @LambertStrether shares a captivating bird song he encountered in northern Peru, capturing the experience through sound and imagery

"Songs near dawn from a bird moving low and hidden in dense roadside dry scrub."

Listeners of Bird Song of the Day are in for a treat today with the Fulvous-faced Scrub-Tyrant, whose distinct song is featured in today's highlight. This species is found in northern Peru's dry scrub forests, and its song is a series of fast, thin notes, often given in short bursts.

In addition to its captivating song, the Fulvous-faced Scrub-Tyrant is notable for its distinctive appearance. This species gets its name from its distinctive fulvous face and pale breast, which stand out against its dull brown upperparts. These birds are solitary and primarily ground-dwelling, foraging for insects and small animals in the understory of dense forests. They are a common sight in their range and are well-known to locals.

Whether you're an avid birdwatcher or just appreciate the beauty of the natural world, Bird Song of the Day is a delightful way to discover new species and learn about their unique characteristics and habitats.

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Content: Summarizing two selected news stories from the previous week

Antisemitism Awareness Act

700 Jewish college faculty urged President Biden to refrain from supporting the Antisemitism Awareness Act, stating that the bill could undermine free speech and legitimate criticism of the Israeli government. The act, which uses the International Holocaust Awareness Alliance's (IHAA) definition of antisemitism, could potentially conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism, leading to censorship and silencing of political views. The letter emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between criticism of the Israeli government and antisemitism, upholding values of free speech and political discourse.

Trump's Bragg Trial

Trump's Bragg trial continued this week, with further testimony from Keith Davidson, who negotiated payments for two women who demanded cash from Trump in exchange for their silence about purported affairs. Trump's attorney, Cohen, appeared to be acting alone in this transaction, as Davidson admitted to having no contact with the defendant.

Davidson's testimony revealed that the Stormy Daniels payment was not "hush money or a payoff" but was rather a contractual agreement with consideration. This agreement was compensation in return for a non-disclosure agreement, which was a legal expense and therefore properly booked.

The trial, which has been characterized as a hush money case, is now focusing on election interference, with Bragg emphasizing the importance of addressing these allegations.

Judge Cannon's Final Nail in the Coffin of Classified Docs Case

Judge Cannon has indefinitely postponed the trial regarding Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents, citing unresolved pre-trial motions. This decision increases the likelihood of Trump avoiding trial until after the November election, which could allow him to drop the case altogether or issue a preemptive pardon. Judge Cannon has come under fire for her handling of the case, with allegations of stalling and favoring Trump's legal team.

Donald Trump to Attend Fundraiser on Day of Barron's Graduation

Donald Trump is set to attend the Minnesota Republican Party's annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner on May 17, the same day he requested off in court to attend his son Barron Trump's graduation ceremony. The court has granted Trump's request, allowing him to attend both events.

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