Blizzard Introduces The War Within Beta Class Set Bonuses

The bonuses on class sets for The War Within are intended to be relatively simple, focusing on influencing gameplay in a light manner while promoting flexibility in hero talent selection. With these bonuses, resources, damage and healing are intended to be slightly enhanced, with effects avoiding heavy cooldown reduction, large resource generation and significant talent gate decisions.

The set bonuses will be tested in the beta, with feedback encouraged on the official forums, with the design team detailing the exact bonuses provided as well as the content they are intended for use in. Here are the bonuses provided for each class:

Death Knight:

Blood (2) Bonus: While you have one or more Boneshield Charges, the damage you take is reduced by 2%. Losing a Boneshield charge has a chance to reduce the damage you take by 1%, up to 3% for 6 seconds. (4) Bonus: Your damage is increased by 1% per active Boneshield charge. Taking damage while below 6 charges has a chance to generate 1-2 charges.

Frost (2) Bonus: Your Runic Power spending abilities deal 8% increased damage. (4) Bonus: Consuming Runic Power has a chance to increase your Strength by 10% for 8 seconds.

Unholy (2) Bonus: Your minions deal 8% increased damage. (4) Bonus: When you summon a minion, your Haste is increased by 2%, up to 8% for 8 seconds.

Demon Hunter:

Havoc (2) Bonus: Blade Dance deals 20% increased damage. (4) Bonus: Chaos Strike deals 20% increased damage and has a 25% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade Dance.

Vengeance (2) Bonus: Soul Cleave deals 15% increased damage and has a 35% chance to shatter 1 Lesser Soul fragments from a target it hits. (4) Bonus: Consuming a Soul Fragment increases the damage and healing of your next Fel Devastation by 2%, up to 30%.


Balance (2) Bonus: Starsurge damage increased by 8%. Starfall damage increased by 10%. (4) Bonus: Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse each increase the Astral Power Wrath generates by 1 and Starfire generates by 2.

Feral (2) Bonus: Tiger's Fury increases your chance to Critically Strike for 10 seconds, starting at 6% and increasing by 1% every 2 seconds. (4) Bonus: Critical Strikes with your combo point-generating abilities increase the direct damage of your next Ferocious Bite and Rampant Ferocity or Primal Wrath by 15%, stacking up to 3 times.

Guardian (2) Bonus: Thrash and Moonfire increase your damage done and reduce damage you take by 1% for 8 seconds, stacking 3 times. (4) Bonus: Arcane damage you deal is increased by 5% and bleed damage you deal is increased by 8%.

Restoration (2) Bonus: Regrowth, Wild Growth, and Swiftmend healing increased by 10%. (4) Bonus: Your healing is increased by 8% when consuming Soul of the Forest's bonus and for 6 seconds afterward.


Augmentation (2) Bonus: Upheaval deals 30% increased damage and increases the damage of your next 2 Eruption casts by 30%. (4) Bonus: Ebon Might increases primary stats by an additional 0.4% of your own every 2 seconds it remains active, up to 2.0%.

Devastation (2) Bonus: Disintegrate damage increased by 10% and Pyre damage increased by 10%. (4) Bonus: Eternity Surge's cooldown is decreased by 2.5 seconds and it now grants Essence Burst.

Preservation (2) Bonus: Reversion and Emerald Blossom heal an injured ally within 30 yards for 10% of any amount healed. (4) Bonus: Verdant Embrace increases the healing of your next Reversion by 200%.


Beast Mastery (2) Bonus: Barbed Shot further increases your pet's attack speed by 5%. (4) Bonus: Your pet's attacks have a 10% chance to increase all pet damage you deal by 10% for 8 seconds.

Marksmanship (2) Bonus: Arcane Shot and Multishot damage increased by 20%. (4) Bonus: Consuming Precise Shots increases the damage of your next Aimed Shot by 10%, stacking up to 2 times.

Survival (2) Bonus: Wildfire Bomb damage increased by 5%. (4) Bonus: Raptor Strike deals 10% increased damage to targets affected by Wildfire Bomb.


Arcane (2) Bonus: Arcane Blast and Arcane Explosion damage increased by 6%. (4) Bonus:

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