Caitlin Clark likened to 'Pistol Pete' Maravich with jaw-dropping plays, same lanky build as the NBA legend's son

Just like her game, Caitlin Clark's ascent to possibly breaking Pete Maravich's career scoring record is freakish. The Iowa star already has drawn comparisons to the late NBA legend, whose son Jaeson was impressed by her performance in the Final Four last spring and sees the resemblance to his dad: "She shoots from 30 or 35 feet like he did, and she passes the ball like a magician...</ She's a fantastic player - maybe the best women's player ever". Maravich, who died aged 40, averaged 44.2 points a game in his college career from 1967-70 and Clark, a senior, is at 3,617 points heading into Wednesday's game at Minnesota. She could break the record in the next two games and has already visualized it: **"Before every game, I try to take time and just visualize what I want to happen in the game." She looks like a cousin, too, with the "lanky build and real dark eyes" of the NBA legend.

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