Carmat Announces a Global Offering of Approximately €15 Million

Good morning, here is today's news article. Carmat, a French MedTech that designs, manufactures, and markets the Aeson artificial heart, has just announced a global offering of around €15 million. The company aims to provide a therapeutic alternative for people suffering from advanced biventricular heart failure and is currently training new hospitals which are beginning to refer patients for implants. This new financing comes at a crucial time as sales are beginning to grow significantly, and the company estimates sales of around €14 million for 2024. The offering is composed of a reserved offering for specialized investors and a public offering for retail investors via the PrimaryBid platform. The issue price of new shares is €3.00 per share. Retail investors can participate via the PrimaryBid platform, and the offering is expected to close at 11pm (CEST) today, May 16, 2024. Let me know if you would like to know more about Carmat or the global offering.

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