ChatGPT-4o AI Assistant Introduced By OpenAI In May 2024

ChatGPT-4o Introduction

On May 13, 2024, OpenAI unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant and interface, ChatGPT-4o. The "o" in the model's name stands for "omni," indicating its enhanced capabilities beyond text-based input and output. ChatGPT-4o introduced several key features that captured the public's attention and sparked excitement for the future of consumer-facing AI.

Vision and Audio Capabilities

One of ChatGPT-4o's most impressive features is its ability to process and understand visual and audio inputs. The AI assistant can utilize a phone's camera to observe and describe what it "sees" in a given environment, providing an intriguing aspect of its capability.

Nearly Instant Responses

ChatGPT-4o sets itself apart from its predecessors with its lightning-fast response time. The AI assistant boasts a response time of around 320 milliseconds for audio inputs, closely matching human conversational timing. This minimal delay enhances the perceived naturalness of the interaction.


OpenAI emphasizes ChatGPT-4o's versatility by handling text, audio, and image-based inputs and outputs. This omni-compatibility makes the AI assistant accessible to a broader audience and in various situations.

Demonstration and Release

OpenAI marked the unveiling of ChatGPT-4o with a demo day, streaming a video on YouTube on May 13, 2024. This video was met with considerable interest, amassing over 2.5 million views and 80,000 upvotes within a day. The company additionally released more specific demonstration videos, highlighting the AI assistant's conversational prowess.

AI as a Computer Interface

A notable aspect of ChatGPT-4o is its potential to revolutionize computer interfaces. With its seamless responsiveness and multitasking abilities, it hints at a future where AI could replace screens and cursors as the primary method of computer interaction.

"Her" References and Online Reaction

OpenAI founder Sam Altman notably posted the word "her" on Twitter on May 13, 2024, perhaps alluding to the 2013 film "Her," starring Scarlett Johansson as an AI voice in a poignant romantic story. This hint at potential relationships between users and the AI assistant spawned jokes and memes, particularly about dating models.

That same day, a TikTok user, @arithmoquine, posted a joke about flirting with ChatGPT-4o, met with over 22,000 likes. Another TikTok user, @ericwdolan, joined the meme trend, posting a video quoting an OpenAI employee's demonstration speech, garnering over 6,300 likes.

Searching Interest

The introduction of ChatGPT-4o has been met with a surge in worldwide search interest, peaking in the days following its release. Users flocked to learn more about the new AI assistant, highlighting its potential impact.

In conclusion, ChatGPT-4o's introduction signifies a new age in AI assistants. Its features and capabilities surpass those of its predecessors, and its potential to revolutionize computer interfaces is promising. While jokes and memes surround its release, the public anticipation and interest in ChatGPT-4o indicate a desire for this new AI technology.

Note: All images are illustrative purposes only. Actual representation of ChatGPT-4o may vary.

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