Cookie3 Partners with ChainGPT Pad to Accelerate Launch and Growth as 2023's Top AI, MarketingFi Ecosystem

ChainGPT Pad: Accelerating Startup Success

ChainGPT Pad, the award-winning launchpad known for both 2023's top IDOs and its focus on long-term project success, has a new rising star in its exclusive Acceleration Program: Cookie3.

Cookie3: Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Space

Cookie3 is poised to reshape the digital marketing landscape with its innovative MarketingFi (Marketing Finance) & AI ecosystem. This paradigm shift focuses on rewarding stakeholders for their active participation and genuine value creation in the digital realm.

Cookie3's Journey with ChainGPT Pad

ChainGPT Pad's acceleration program has been supporting Cookie3 for over a month, and we are proud to announce our collaborative efforts. Cookie3 is strategically set for substantial advancements, with this partnership focusing on accelerating its market introduction and enhancing its position in the competitive MarketingFi & AI sector. With ChainGPT Pad's dedicated mentorship, Cookie3 is refining its strategy and offerings. This encompasses optimizing product systems, evaluating roadmaps, and solidifying action plans. Additionally, ChainGPT Pad is providing expert assistance in marketing, promotions, and community engagement to create a buzz around Cookie3's launch. Cookie3 benefits from strategic advice on product adjustments and navigating the market landscape post-launch.

The COOKIE Token

The COOKIE token powers the Cookie3 ecosystem and serves as a key that unlocks the revolutionary world of MarketingFi. It represents a new era in value distribution, rewarding users genuinely invested in the future of MarketingFi. The COOKIE token is available for purchase on Binance Smart Chain.

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