Critically Acclaimed Homosexual Film from the 1980s is Digitally Remastered for its 35th Anniversary

A critically-acclaimed, sexually-charged, and largely non-mainstream film from the 1980s has been digitally remastered for its 35th anniversary.

Querelle, a German-French international co-production, was directed by German auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder. It was adapted from French author Jean Genet's original novel about a sailor who cruises gay sexual circles in the port of Brest, France. The film's stylization is markedly different from Fassbinder's prior works, boasting an artificial atmosphere featuring stage-like settings and perpetual golden-hour lighting.

This 35th anniversary restoration of the film is being released by The Criterion Collection as its 1221nd entry, with high-definition digital mastering approved by the film's original cinematographer, Xaver Schwarzenberger.

Fassbinder's 1982 documentary Rainer Werner Fassbinder—Last Works, directed by Wolf Gremm, is included in the release as a special feature. Additionally, a new interview with critic Michael Koresky is featured, discussing Fassbinder's shifting visual styles throughout his career. There is also an essay by critic Nathan Lee, discussing the film's non-normative cinematic form and content.

Querelle's notable cast includes Brad Davis (who won a Fotogramas de Plata for his performance), Franco Nero, Jeanne Moreau, and Günther Kaufmann.

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