Cruise in luxury to the ends of the earth with Viking Polaris

Viking Polaris is designed to take you to the ends of the earth in style. It's the largest vessel in the adventure-focused expedition ship subset and boasts four restaurants, a beautiful spa and 189 cozy cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows and large bathrooms with heated floors. It's also got all the gear you'd want for adventures, with Zodiacs, kayaks, a speed boat and even submarines.And it's an incredibly friendly ship, where the crew seems to know your name and greet you warmly whenever you pass. They've thought of everything, remembering your preferences and making you feel right at home.Except for one thing: The lack of announcements can make you feel a little out of the loop. You might miss the captain's daily announcement, for example, or not realize that the dinner menu has changed. Still, Viking Polaris is comfortable, stylish and inviting, and it's clear the crew is trained to go the extra mile to make your trip unforgettable. sideline analysis:

Polaris is a comfortable, stylish and inviting ship, but passengers should be aware of the lack of announcements. You might not realize that the dinner menu has changed or that the captain makes daily announcements. Still, the crew is trained to go above and beyond and make your trip unforgettable.

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