Cycling to Glastonbury with e-bikes was the best decision of the year

This year, I decided to do something different and cycle to the Glastonbury Festival with a group of friends. We opted for electric bikes to even out the playing field and make the journey more enjoyable.

I reached out to Bosch, and they were kind enough to loan us some e-bikes for the journey. The Uran Pro Wave model was the most urban-looking bike, but it used the least battery on the journey, surprising everyone. We all made it to the festival without any issues and managed to avoid the traffic jams that often occur with traditional transport modes.

We were extremely prepared, bringing with us tools, spares, and even a bike stand, meaning we could help other cyclists on the way who were not so prepared. We camped comfortably, and the bikes were a great way to get around the vast festival grounds once we were there.

On the way home, we encountered some challenges, including a massive hill that we weren't expecting, tiredness, and headwinds. Despite this, the bikes made the journey much less painful, and we arrived home safely, saving money on parking fees and avoiding the traffic chaos.

Overall, cycling to Glastonbury with e-bikes was a tremendous success. It was a fun and unique way to arrive at the festival and avoid the hassle of traditional travel. Using electric bikes levelled the playing field for our diverse range of cycling abilities and made the journey home much more manageable. I highly recommend this mode of transportation to anyone looking for a more adventurous way to experience the festival!

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Bidenomics is Working!! <img src="" width="32" height="32" align="absmiddle"> [&quot;We are proud of Bidenomics!&quot; - Kamala Harris]

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