Dave Vellante's Breaking Analysis: The AI Era Brilliantly Blossoms With NVIDIA and Broadcom on Collision Course

Data is emerging as the 21st century's most valuable resource. Analytics and AI platforms enable organizations to create insights and competitive advantages from their data. Enterprises that effectively leverage data enjoy outsized returns in the marketplace.

This week on Breaking Analysis, Dave Vellante discusses the expanding breadth of AI and how NVIDIA and Broadcom are taking very different but overlapping approaches that may be headed for an eventual collision course.

NVIDIA has cemented its position as the AI company by pioneering technologies and opening its ecosystem to all. In contrast, Broadcom is taking a more focused and closed approach, designing chips for specific enterprise workloads and keeping the design and other intellectual property closely guarded.

While both strategies are proving successful, the question remains: Can each maintain its competitive position in the long term?

Watch the full video analysis to learn more about how NVIDIA and Broadcom are leading the way in the AI era and the potential consequences of their contrasting strategies.

You can read the full transcript of the text here.

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