Debating New Names for the White Sox Stadium

The new stadium of the White Sox in Chicago's South Loop is expected to open around 2030, and fans are already excited and proposing potential names for the venue. Here are ten creative suggestions for a name:

  1. Manny's Deli Stadium: A short three-minute drive down Roosevelt Road from the stadium's proposed site is a beloved local Jewish deli, Manny's. It's sure to become a popular spot for pre-game meals, much like McCuddy's was for pre-game drinks.
  2. Rat Hole Park: Rat Hole Park could pay homage to the city's history of corrupt politicians and honor Chicago's favorite rodent, with a creative ballpark design imprinted with a rat hole. It would be a perfect destination for a ballgame and honor both rodents and political corruption. However, some fans may argue that Wrigley Field is already nicknamed "the rat hole."
  3. The 78: The area surrounding Clark Street and Roosevelt Road is already known as "the 78" as it was hoped it would eventually become the 78th neighborhood in Chicago. This name could pay homage to the 1978 White Sox team.
  4. Obama Yards: Former President Barack Obama, a well-known White Sox fan, has his presidential library under construction in Jackson Park. Naming the stadium after him could entice him to attend games and serve as a bookend to his library.
  5. Loop Park: A statue of Steve Dahl blowing up disco albums could adorn the center of the stadium, commemorating a celebrated moment in Sox history and enticing people to return to the Loop.
  6. Second City Stadium: Second City, an iconic improv theater, has boasted numerous renowned comedic talents, from John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd to Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert.
  7. This Space for Rent Field: An interim name while the White Sox seek a sponsor from the cryptocurrency industry.
  8. Ozzie Guillen Field: Guillen, the manager of the only White Sox championship team since 1917, doesn't have a statue at Guaranteed Rate Field. Naming the new stadium after him could be an appropriate amends.
  9. Taylor Swift Stadium: Naming the stadium after the world's biggest pop star, Taylor Swift, could boost attendance, similar to how the NFL benefited from its association with her.
  10. Sox Park: Why not cut to the chase and go with this popular moniker that White Sox fans have already begun using universally?

It will be interesting to see what name the White Sox and Mayor Brandon Johnson eventually land upon when the stadium opens in the coming years. In the meantime, these proposals offer fun food for thought and generate excitement for Chicago baseball fans.

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