Democrats fret as Biden is weighed down by questions about age and cognition

The special counsel's recent report highlighting President Joe Biden's gaffes and stumbles wasn't the first time Americans have questioned whether the president is up to the job. But it provides a fresh wave of concerns as Democrats fear that without a strong and respected leader, the party could face sizeable losses in the midterms.

The president has openly shared his anger towards the allegations, but top Democrats are worried that the president's frustrations could be seen as offensive rather than supportive. Others are concerned that the stumbles could be indicative of a leader who is not competent enough to keep the job, bringing up questions about Biden's mental and physical fitness.

Despite the concerns, there are those like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who believe that Biden is a good president and that America is headed in the right direction under his leadership. She has recently stated that Biden has "accomplished more in 17 months than the previous president did in four years."

Whether Americans are satisfied with the current president's performance or not, one thing is for certain: there are plenty of unanswered questions as we head into Biden's likely reelection campaign.

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