Denver Broncos quarterback conundrum analysis ahead of NFL offseason

The Denver Broncos find themselves in a less-than-ideal situation at the quarterback position following their blockbuster trade sending superstar Russell Wilson to the Pittsburgh Steelers. With questions lingering about the future of the position, Troy Renck and Sean Keeler of The Denver Post discuss the possibilities for the team to navigate the challenging quandary. The duo explores several options, including potential free agents such as Jarrett Stidham, Sam Darnold, and Sam Howell, and the prospect of targeting a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. They delve into the pros and cons of each approach, assessing the fit of each player within the Broncos' system and the trajectory of the team as they rebuild while also attempting to remain competitive.

As Russell Wilson's tenure with the Denver Broncos lasted only two seasons, so did the honeymoon phase with the team's fanbase. The once highly touted quarterback trade has turned into a nightmare for the Broncos, as they're now stuck with nearly $40 million in dead money on their 2024 salary cap. This unfortunate situation leaves the team with limited options and a murky quarterback outlook.

But with Head Coach Sean Payton at the helm, there is still hope that the Broncos can find their way out of this quagmire. Payton has a track record of developing quarterbacks and implementing creative offensive strategies. The question is, who will be taking snaps under center come the 2023 season?

The hosts analyze the free-agent market, exploring the possibilities of signing players like Stidham, a former New England Patriots backup. They discuss Stidham's potential as a starter and his experience in a successful organization.

Keeler expresses his interest in Washington quarterback Sam Darnold, noting his improved play in San Francisco and his familiarity with Payton's offensive system. Renck emphasizes the low risk and potential high reward of signing Darnold, who is only 26 years old.

They also discuss the possibility of targeting a signal-caller in the draft, acknowledging the potential pitfalls of selecting a quarterback early. The hosts highlight the need for a veteran presence to guide a young draft pick, referencing the unsuccessful partnership between the Broncos and former quarterback Joe Flacco.

Renck makes a compelling case for Washington rookie Sam Howell, suggesting that while he may have struggled in his first NFL season, he could thrive in the Broncos' system and under Payton's guidance. He emphasizes Howell's potential to be a baker Mayfield Lite in a timing-based offense with better pass protection.

The conversation shifts to the fit of each candidate within the Broncos' offense and the importance of finding a quarterback who can thrive in goal-to-goal situations. They discuss the challenges Wilson faced in Denver and how Payton's evaluation of the team's offensive struggles may influence his decision at quarterback.

In conclusion, Keeler and Renck underscore the importance of finding a stable quarterback situation while embracing the challenge of rebuilding and remaining competitive. They agree that despite the uncertainty, the Broncos are heading in the right direction under Payton's leadership.

Ultimately, the decision at quarterback will be a fascinating development to watch for fans and media alike. As the Broncos navigate their newfound quarterback conundrum, the road to rebuilding will be a captivating journey to follow.