Disney World Mum Sends Son to School With 'inappropriate' Costume on Halloween

Disney World Mum Sends Son to School With 'inappropriate' Costume on Halloween

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Disneyland Resort Visitors Are Horrified After Seeing 'Disturbing' Male Chest Reveal Outfit During Halloween Celebration.

A young boy wore a costume that exposed his chest at the Disneyland Resort theme park in Anaheim, California, triggering an investigation and a complaint from an attendee who said the attire was inappropriate.

The boy, whose age was not disclosed, wore the costume, which exposed his torso and left little to the imagination, to the theme park on October 28, just days before Halloween.

Photos of the boy in the costume at the theme park surfaced online and sparked debate on social media, with some claiming that the outfit was inappropriate and violated Disneyland's dress code.

The person who took the photos claimed that the boy's parents were unaware of the costume's revealing effect.

"They had no idea, honestly," the source said to ABC7. "They thought it was just a cute Halloween costume."

The wearer himself doesn't seem to appreciate the garment's unintended side.

The boy's teacher educates him on the consequences of his costume choice: the power of implications and implications.

The Anaheim Police Department told ABC7 that the outfit did not violate any laws, but Disneyland management removed the boy's family from the park after they learned he was wearing the costume.

The theme park has a dress code that requires guests to wear appropriate clothing that "reflects a family-friendly environment."

A spokesperson for the Disneyland Resort told ABC7 in a statement Sunday that they have "policies and procedures to ensure that all visiting Guests feel welcome and included in the magic of Disneyland Resort," and that they "address inappropriate clothing periodically throughout the year."

The source who took the photos claimed that the boy's family was from out of town and that they were visiting the resort for the first time.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said the boy's parents took the outfit away from him after learning from other guests that it was inappropriate.

"They took it away, and he didn't seem to mind," the source said.

The incident has sparked discussions on social media, with many people expressing their dismay over the costume.

"This is not Halloween-appropriate attire," one person commented on Twitter. "This is sexualisation of children, and it's disgusting."

"Lol what the f*** is this?" another person wrote on Instagram, where the photos were shared. "This is disgusting."

Some people also came to the boy's defense, suggesting that the costume was an innocent mistake on the part of his parents.

"It's Halloween; you think these parents had any clue their kid was going to be this overexposed?" one person wrote on Facebook. "I highly doubt it; they probably just didn't think about it."

"I don't think the problem is the kid," another person said. "It's the parent's responsibility to make sure their kids are dressed appropriately."

The boy's teacher will probably have a class on the dangers of assumptions and premature conclusions based on appearances tomorrow.

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