Dr. Vernon Coleman: Why Did They Keep the Truth about Princess Kate's Cancer a Secret? Plus, Chemotherapy Facts You Won't Read Elsewhere

The media has finally revealed that Princess Kate is undergoing preventative chemotherapy after postoperative tests revealed she has cancer. Dr. Vernon Coleman offers his view on why the royal family kept this a secret for so long, along with conspiracies about divorce and alien abduction. He also discusses the realities of chemotherapy and how it is being used to boost drug company profits.

Kate's cancer likely wasn't serious, but chemotherapy is far from safe and has various risks and side effects. Patients can experience immune system damage, memory loss, hair loss, and more. In some cases, chemotherapy can spread cancer cells, promote cancer growth, and alter the nature of cancer cells.

Furthermore, statistics on chemotherapy are often manipulated to boost sales for drug companies. The royal family and cancer charities are just a part of the cancer industry, which puts profits over patient care.

It's important to always approach medical recommendations with skepticism and to research all available options before deciding on a treatment plan.