Duke coach Jon Scheyer wants ACC to implement measures after Filipowski injured in court-storming aftermath

Duke coach Jon Scheyer hopes the Atlantic Coast Conference acts swiftly to implement measures to prevent court-storming incidents after star big man Kyle Filipowski was hobbled in the aftermath of the team's 83-79 loss at Wake Forest. Scheyer claims Filipowski, Duke's leading scorer and rebounder this season, is "a little bit sore" but does not require internal imaging for his knee. The incident involved Filipowski colliding with a fan as he ran toward the middle of the court, an incident that Scheyer believes should not be allowed to occur.

"Absolutely we shouldn't wait until next year, something should be done right now," Scheyer said during the weekly ACC coaches teleconference. While the ACC requires member schools to put safety procedures in place for managing court stormings, they do not impose fines for violations like other major basketball conferences. Scheyer believes the NCAA should step in and show leadership on this issue, preventing incidents like the one that occurred at Wake Forest and involving Iowa star Caitlin Clark in January.

Duke is down to four regular-season games, with just one on the road, at North Carolina State on March 4. Kansas coach Bill Self, whose team was involved in a quick court-storming at Wake Forest, also expressed concerns about the security measures in place, suggesting that the NCAA needs to step in and show leadership to avoid potential injuries or legal issues.

"That happened so fast," Self told a small group of reporters Monday. "And if you don't have the proper security in a situation like that, it would be hard to imagine that fans don't come in contact with visiting players, which could lead obviously to injuries or maybe legal things down the road. I would hope they could totally do away with them."

Scheyer also pointed to the risk of confrontation, noting that Jared McCain had a fan run onto the court and stop right in front of the freshman as he tried to exit the court Saturday. "It would be wrong of me not to speak up for all the student-athletes that can be put in this position," Scheyer said. "And something needs to change now before something serious happens."

College Basketball: Should the NCAA ban court storming after Kyle Filipowski's injury?

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