Everything we know so far about EA Sports 'College Football 25'


The long-awaited return of a college football video game is nearly here. EA Sports "College Football 25" will be available for purchase on July 25, 2023, marking the first time since 2013 that the gaming company will release a college football video game. The game was initially slated for a summer 2023 release, but was delayed shortly before the scheduled release date. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Cover Athletes

EA officially unveiled its cover athletes on May 16, confirming a pair of recent leaks. The standard cover will feature three current stars: Texas QB Quinn Ewers, Colorado two-way star Travis Hunter, and Michigan RB Donovan Edwards. The backs of the jerseys of other current college football stars are featured on the deluxe cover, such as Alabama QB Jalen Milroe, Georgia QB Carson Beck and Ohio State RB Quinshon Judkins.

All 134 FBS teams will appear in the game. EA Sports also made offers to every player on an FBS roster to be a part of the game, with over 12,800 players accepting that offer as of May, according to Extra Points. Players who decline to be in the game will be replaced by a generic avatar, similar to how Barry Bonds was portrayed in some MLB video games. Players who are in EA Sports "College Football 25" might not look entirely like themselves. Face scans for individual players won't be available for this year's version of the game as it'd be too difficult to implement so many face scans in such a short period, an EA spokesperson told ESPN in February.


"College Football 25" will have a CampusIQ gameplay feature set, which includes a Wear and Tear system, player abilities, home-field advantage, unique playbooks and a "host of new mechanics that deliver the fast-pace gameplay unique to college football," EA shared in a video. The Wear and Tear system is a "progressive health system that prioritizes strategic substitutions and diverse playcalling" to keep players healthy. With the system, all hits "matter" but don't "have the same impact." Every hit is measured differently as "damage and fatigue" can impact a player's performance throughout a game. Mental and physical abilities are also being introduced in "College Football 25." Physical abilities boost talent attributes, like being able to break tackles and can even provide protection in the Wear and Tear system. Mental abilities are meant to "enhance intangible traits," giving some players and teams an edge in leadership, pre-snap reads and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Home Field Advantage

Home-field advantage will be in play in "College Football 25," giving home teams an upper hand. There will be "various degrees" of home-field advantages, which are based on the stadium's "toughness rank" and "stadium pulse." The home-field advantage can impact the away team’s confidence and composure levels, making it more difficult to call audibles and hot routes at the line of scrimmage.

Offensive and Defensive Rankings

On June 25, EA Sports released the 25 toughest stadiums to play in "College Football 25." Texas A&M's Kyle Field was rated as the toughest for visiting teams and Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium ranked second. Tiger Stadium (LSU), Ohio Stadium (Ohio State) and Sanford Stadium (Georgia) round out the top five.

A day later, EA Sports released the 25 best offenses in the game. Georgia received a 94 overall rating, topping the list. Oregon, Alabama and Texas each received 91 overall ratings to round out the top five.

Following the release of the best offenses, EA Sports released the 25 best defenses in the game on June 27. Alabama received a 94 overall rating, topping the list. Georgia, Clemson and Texas each received 91 overall ratings to round out the top five.

Other Features

Popular game modes from the previous NCAA football series, such as Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory, are reportedly expected to be included in the game. Some new developments in the college football world since the last time EA Sports released a college football video game, such as the transfer portal, are also reportedly expected to be included.

Dynasty Mode will have online and offline play, according to

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