Fauci Says Trump Expected COVID to 'Disappear Like Magic'

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former White House chief medical advisor, stated on MSNBC's "The Beat" that former President Donald Trump had hoped COVID-19 would disappear like magic. According to Fauci, Trump would get angry and yell when the virus did not disappear. MSNBC host Ari Melber questioned Fauci on Bob Woodward's recent statements about the Trump administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Woodward described the situation as a crisis and stated that the president did not act accordingly.

Fauci reiterated his previous comments about his uncomfortable interaction with Trump, who allegedly wanted the virus to disappear like the flu during the changing of the seasons. Fauci was the one who had to publicly disagree with the president's viewpoints at the time. Trump wanted COVID-19 to disappear like magic, and when it didn't, he blamed Fauci for presenting the truth about the virus. Fauci further added that Trump wanted to portray a one-and-done version of the vaccine to the American public, which angered the president when Fauci stated that booster shots might be needed.

This revelation paints a startling new picture of the former president's attitude and reaction to the ongoing pandemic. Trump's apparent denial of the crisis and refusal to act accordingly have potentially caused thousands of unnecessary deaths and prolonged suffering across the country.

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