Federal Monitor Cozy with SPD Leaders, City Council Member Battles Disinformation Claim

Federal Monitor Coziness: Federal Monitor Antonio Oftelie expressed contempt for public accountability in private group chats with Seattle Police Department leaders, referring to a desired "systemic learning" without accountability. Over a week later, the Department of Justice refused to confirm if these conversations were appropriate.

City Council Member Maritza Rivera faced public backlash after attempting to gut funding for BIPOC Equitable Development Initiative (EDI) capital projects. Following the intense criticism, Rivera doubled down on her amendments' intentions while accusing organizers of misinformation.

Puget Sound Sage, Africatown Community Land Trust, and El Centro de la Raza held a press conference demanding the Mayor and City Council protect EDI and the JumpStart payroll tax amidst the city's budgetary concerns.

Sweatbox Numbers: The King County Sheriff's Office refused to assist Seattle in sweeping an immigration enforcement-led encampment, resulting in its non-occurrence.

Unionization Wins: Hundreds of Amazon workers in Brooklyn voted to unionize, following victories at Amazon warehouses in Bessemer and Macon.

toughened gun laws after a polling station was located inside a gun show, among other incidents.

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