Five Things That Happened in Tech This Week

Here is a summary of five things that happened in tech this week, including updates on ChatGPT, Slack, Gmail, automation tools, and Build-A-Bear:

  1. ChatGPT Enhanced Memory:
    • OpenAI is testing a new memory feature for ChatGPT to improve user experience.
    • The memory will store user-shared data and preferences to be used in future conversations.
    • Testing will begin with a small portion of ChatGPT free and Plus users.
  2. Slack Launches Slack AI:
    • Slack announced the launch of Slack AI, including features like Smart Search and Thread Summaries.
    • The demonstration video states the new features are for "informational purposes only."
    • Further specifics on the AI tools are yet to be announced.
  3. Gmail to Start Rejecting Emails:
    • Gmail will begin reducing spam messages by rejecting emails starting in April 2024.
    • Non-compliant emails will be gradually rejected by Google, with the rate of rejection increasing over time.
  4. 18 Tools to Automate Your Business:
    • The Chamber of Commerce released a list of small business automation tools.
    • Tools include billing, cash flow maintenance, operations management, and more.
  5. Build-A-Bear's In-Store Tablets:
    • Build-A-Bear has implemented in-store tablets to enhance the customer experience.
    • Transactions can be processed anywhere in the store using the tablets.
    • The tablets allow employees to offer personalized customer service.

These developments may impact the business world, with ChatGPT improving user experience through memory enhancement, Slack introducing AI-powered tools, Gmail reducing inbox clutter, automation options for small businesses, and in-store tablets enhancing customer interactions at Build-A-Bear.