Former IVF patients warn that Congress, Alabama, and others risk jeopardizing patient protections in rush to protect IVF providers

The Alabama Supreme Court ruling in February that embryos have personhood status has rocked the world of current, former, and potential in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients and providers. Since then, Congress, Alabama, and others have proposed legislation that emphasizes provider protection over patient protection.

Former IVF patients Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos and Allison Freeman are concerned that well-intentioned legislators may be creating the potential for greater abuse and wrongdoing in the absence of robust regulatory oversight. They argue that legislation should protect IVF access while also strengthening patient safeguards.

In a joint statement to Newsweek, the authors stated the following:

"We want IVF access to be protected, but bills such as these eliminate the only consequence available to patients to ensure their embryos are properly handled."

The authors go on to say that they believe that it is possible to protect both patients and providers and that the larger community should work together to do so. They argue that, in the absence of robust legislative action, clinics and professionals should prioritize patient-centered care and transparency in the industry.

The authors conclude by urging patients to have a seat at the table and for legislators to fight for families without compromising patient protections.

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