FTC distributes settlement payments to Ring users, here's what you need to know

Here is what you need to know about the recent settlement made by the FTC and Ring. Hundred of thousands of individuals will be receiving payments through PayPal or physical checks in the mail. The issue was regarding privacy violations made by Ring. These violations included without consent using video data for analysis and AI training, having buried permissions to use video in confusing contracts, and lapses in security that allegedly let Ring employees spy on and harass users.

The FTC sent out notifications to those who qualified, however, you do not need to provide any further information to qualify other than having owned a Ring device prior to 2018. Payments will be around $50 each, with some individuals receiving $150. Payments will be sent through PayPal if possible or physical checks.

We recommend Ring products, due to changes made by the company and the low risk of security issues. However, we will continue to update you all on any developments made.

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Prospective observational study of peripheral intravenous cannula utilisation and frequency of intravenous fluid delivery in the emergency department: convenience or necessity?

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