Geno Auriemma Says Caitlin Clark Is Being 'Targeted' in WNBA

Geno Auriemma, the longtime women's basketball coach at the University of Connecticut, said that Caitlin Clark, the highly touted rookie currently playing for the Indiana Fever in the WNBA, is not just facing the typical challenges of being a rookie, but is also being "targeted" by her opponents. Auriemma's comments came after Chicago Sky guard Chennedy Carter body-checked Clark to the ground late in a recent game, which the Fever won. Carter's actions were cheered by some teammates, including Clark's college rival, Angel Reese.

Some commentators, such as those on the Fox Sports podcast "Fair or Foul?", believe that Clark is simply paying the inevitable dues that heralded young players endure and comparisons have been made to the treatment given to NBA legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James in their rookie seasons.

But Auriemma, speaking at a luncheon on Tuesday, said he didn't remember such a hostile reception for Jordan or other prominent players when they entered the NBA. "I don't remember when Jordan came into the [NBA], guys looking to go out and beat him up," Auriemma said. "I don't remember when [Larry] Bird and Magic [Johnson] came in the league and elevated the NBA, them getting targeted and getting beat up just because of who they were and the attention they were getting."

Auriemma went on to say that he doesn't think the treatment of Clark has anything to do with her play on the court, but rather it's because of the "attention she's getting and the attention she's not even seeking."

Many of those commenting on the issue seem to think that Clark is facing extra scrutiny because she is white, or that perhaps WNBA players aren't happy with the attention she's received as a rookie. Some believe that Clark's status as a practicing Catholic also fuels some of the hostility, as a large percentage of the league is homosexual.

One respondent reminded folks that when Detroit Pistons player Bob Lanier was sucker-punched by Bill Laimbeer (who was a younger player at the time) there wasn't an ensuing controversy about race. Lanier was reportedly "laid out cold," but there were no protests, boycotts, or accusations of racism. Another respondent said that there would likely be no problems for Clark if she were better at basketball. Others pointed out that Carter has a history of being an "asshole" and was kicked off her previous two teams.

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