History Repeating as Biden's Foreign Policy Falters

Biden's Foreign Policy Follies Parallel Past Mistakes

The Biden administration's failing foreign policy is repeating mistakes from the past. Despite our advanced technology and knowledge, we're still repeating mistakes from the past decades, not the distant past. These blunders are a result of bad ideas and practices that we have already witnessed. We must pay attention to these blunders and acknowledge the tragic nature of human affairs to safeguard our national security and interests.

The recent conflict ignited by Hamas' war crimes on October 7 is a reminder that we have failed to learn from past mistakes. Despite attacks on U.S. forces and international shipping, the Biden administration has responded with limited and telegraphed missile attacks. The conflict underscores the need to learn from history and devise a more effective strategy to safeguard our interests.

We should not rely on diplomatic engagement and negotiated settlements, which are mere illusions of action. The Biden administration's focus on these strategies, however, endangers our national security by allowing aggression against our forces and international shipping to persist. We must also recognize the threat posed by Iran, which is providing targeting information to the Houthis' attacks on commercial and military shipping.

We must also acknowledge the tragic nature of human affairs and the recurring pursuit of policies contrary to our interests. This pursuit is often the result of individual flaws, groupthink, miscalculation, hubris, and structural factors like ideological rigidity and short-termism. We cannot afford to repeat these mistakes, and it is imperative that we take stock of our foreign policy and national security to safeguard our interests.

The failure to do so could have catastrophic consequences.

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