Howard Stern to Interview President Biden: Here Are 7 Questions He Should Ask But Won't

Howard Stern is set to interview President Joe Biden on Friday, and according to Concha, Stern's previous interactions give a glimpse into how the interview will go. Concha believes that instead of asking pressing questions about important issues, Stern will likely focus on making Biden comfortable and painting Biden and himself as allies against Donald Trump.

  1. The state of the economy and Biden's poor handling of it will be one of the most important issues for Americans during the next election. With GDP sluggish and inflation high, Americans will want answers from Biden on how he plans to rectify the situation.
  2. Biden has repeatedly spoken about the skyrocketing inflation that he claimed to have inherited from the previous administration. This is a misleading statement, with inflation being 1.4% when Biden took office. Stern should hold Biden accountable for his words and ask him to retract his statement and apologize for lying to the American people.
  3. Biden has claimed an uncle of his was eaten by cannibals after being shot down in World War II. Department of Defense documents states that the uncle was not shot down, and a mission survivor stated that the plane went down in the ocean. Stern should ask Biden to provide clarity on this issue and give a truthful answer.
  4. Biden recently condemned antisemitic protests on college campuses whilst also condemning those who don't understand "what's going on with the Palestinians." This statement runs the risk of alienating Jews and Arabs alike and invoking a contentious issue needlessly. Stern should ask Biden to clarify his statements and acknowledge that appearing to align with anti-Semites is not a good look for a president.
  5. Polls indicate that the majority of Americans do not want Biden to run for president again due to his age and mental acuity. Stern should ask Biden to respond to these concerns and reassure voters that he is up for the job.
  6. Stern should ask Biden to guarantee that he will debate Donald Trump in September and October. With Biden seemingly reluctant to confront his predecessor, Stern should take the opportunity to hold Biden accountable.
  7. House Republicans have proposed bills on immigration that died in the Senate. These bills included provisions like border wall construction, the Remain in Mexico policy, and limits on asylum eligibility. Biden has rejected these ideas, and Stern should ask him specifically why he opposes them.

In conclusion, while Stern may have altruistic intentions for his interview with Biden, the interview will likely serve as PR for the president and avoid important questions that the American people deserve answers to.

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